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The Beauty of “Fuck”

So I’m gonna talk for a while about swearing. Now I swear. A LOT. Fuck. Shit. Damn. I say them all. But why? Because I want to offend? No. Not at all. You couldn’t be further away. There are very few occasions I will swear with the intent to offend. I swear to add emotion […]

Kelli Anderson

So I just wanted to share with you an amazing woman I’ve found. Kelli Anderson is one of the most fantastic designers, artists and just plain people I’ve ever seen. I won’t ramble on much because you’ll see why just by watching her TED talk below. Btw. The image above is copyright to her 🙂

Religeon in society

So I was watching 10 O’Clock Live earlier today. David Mitchell’s debate centred around the role of religion in society and if Britain should still be identified as a “Christian Country”. Now this is precisely the sort of debate that floats my boat. I find the atheist-theist banter entertaining not because I enjoy Catholic-bashing as […]

Hello, World!

Hello, World!

So I’ve decided a new blog is a good idea. I’ve recently had the need to dump technical ideas, ramblings about the world and various other things from my strange mind. I’ve also been planning to replace my old and rather crappy website for some time… So here it is. My place to dump thing […]