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Right. So this one is gonna be a rant. I’m going to address a real bug-bare of mine. It seems we can’t go a week these days without hearing of the antics of “The hacking group Anonymous”. So why does this get to me? The Anonymous part. Anonymous is a term used to define those […]

SRA Con Round Up

So this past week I went to the Student Radio Assocuation Convention. I don’t really remember some of it but I shall patch together what I remember and what I can gleam from my little black book. We arrived. I remember that. I had to run to get the train but I just about made […]


So what I’m going to talk about today is offense. I’ve had a bit of a strange experience over the past few days. I’ve been at a convention. I had an absolutely fantastic time and loads of fun but I worry sone people have started to see me as a bit of a dick. The […]