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SRA Con Round Up

So this past week I went to the Student Radio Assocuation Convention. I don’t really remember some of it but I shall patch together what I remember and what I can gleam from my little black book.

We arrived. I remember that. I had to run to get the train but I just about made it. We had a bakeoff on the train too. Not that we baked on the train. Northern Rail don’t provide ovens unfortunatly. But we did have people bringing baked goods. We had carrot cake with little carrots (which were fantastic), peanut butter brownies (which were amazing), chocolat chip cookies (which blew my mind) and pepermint creams (which weren’t baked). So all in all a good journey. I was actually happy that I didn’t feel ill from all the sugar too. Surprisingly, I wouldn’t feel ill from the alcohol later either. But I think my body told me after seeing Leane that I had no right to complain about my condition.


The opening ceremony was an opening ceremony. You know how they are. They say welcome and then tell you to go off and do stuff. We clapped and then went off and did stuff.

The first event I attended was on Social Media. They told us we should all be using Facebook and Twitter. This was comforting as we use Facebook and Twitter. There were also a few interesting points on how to communicate over them and make the most we can. There was also some interesting talk on Audioboo. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a bit like twitter for your voice. There were a few thoughts thrown around about it’s possible use for guest interaction. Something I might just have to look into for Fuse. Various other services were mentioned and there was the killer mantra “Get them. Keep them. Don’t piss them off.”. Best advice on social marketing I’ve ever heard.

We had a quick panal on The Future of Radio. It was interesting though focused largely on what the past of radio was like for 3 extremely cynical guys. So by far one of the best bits of the con. One of my only notes from that event was “Online restricted by royalties”. So true. Listen up to that if you work in the music industry, ok?

The next page in my book is random ideas. The top one is “Demo comp with industry judge”. No idea where I got that idea….

VCS. Ableton. MlxMeister. Serato. Yeh. I need to google them.

Great talk on OBs from a guy a couple of guys at the BBC. Loads of tips on how to make them sound as good as possible and some tech you can use. There was an interesting point about not making them sound too professional. With an OB, people expect you to sound like you’re outside and not just in a studio. Something I hold to myself. I also need to look into something called a Bluepack. A device that lets you use a decent mic over blutooth. There was also more talk about Luci Live. That software really does have quite the fan base building up 🙂

The talk on Production was quite interesting. If I’m honest, I didn’t actually know what producers did until I went there. Basically, they do everything the presenter doesn’t know how to or doesn’t have the time to do. A really bad way of putting it but I think it sums it up. One of the panalists described the job as being “Polyfiller” which I thought was pretty nice. Some interesting thoughts on how to make content too. “If I turned on at this time, what would I expect to hear?” was a very important point.

I wrote some stuff on the Events talk but haven’t a clue what it means….

The AGM was a blast. Pleanty of interesting questions posed by Dean including how good looking one of the Admin staff was. Loads of last clap compotitions. Even a couple of meaningful questions too at one point or another.

I can’t forget to mention the night events too. We had Dan winning his soundclash with an industry professional. I got to see our first station manager who I have to say is damn good looking. We had some good comments on a couple of our presenters in Demo Factor including one person who recieved the great compliment of “Lets move on. I’ll listen to it later.”. Some really wonderful music too. We had a 90’s/00’s moment one night and the best soundtrack to the event we could have asked for. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Best feel good song I’ve heard in some time.

So all in all, I had an amazing few days down in Bradford. Well worth the trip. Thanks to all those who put on such a great event and even more so to the people around who made it such great fun. Gotta love my Fuse lovelies 😀


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