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Right. So this one is gonna be a rant. I’m going to address a real bug-bare of mine. It seems we can’t go a week these days without hearing of the antics of “The hacking group Anonymous”. So why does this get to me? The Anonymous part. Anonymous is a term used to define those who post on the internet without the use of a nickname. In other words, those who post anonymously. And you know what, I bet that at least at some point you have all done that. I would be surprised if I knew anyone who regularly uses the internet and isn’t a member of anon in the truest sense of the word.

So who are these people identified as “The hacking group Anonymous”? In all honestly, they’re not. They’re many smaller groups who call themselves “Anonymous”. I guess the best way to describe this is that there are many who identify themselves as British. You may get small groups of those that join together and start hacking for what they believe the good of the British and, as such, identify themselves as British. Now if these groups were picked up by those outside the group, the news stories may be reported as “The hacking group The British”. Nobody has agreed they are happy using the term. They just do. Suddenly, all British people are hackers. This is exactly what has happened with Anonymous. What began as a technical term has become a name which means nothing. If you set out to find and arrest the hacking group Anonymous, you would just be looking for a subset of Anon who weren’t original enough to come up with their own name and exploit the dissorder of this large group in order to make themselves apear larger than they are.

So why does this get at me so much? Because Anonymous used to be good. This fascinating group of people would occasionally pull together through the dissorder to fight the bad in the world in good ways. Protesting against Scientology or finding details of animal abusers to hand over to the police. But at some point, the small group who break the law for what they see as good took the lime light. What used to be the common people fighting the evils of the world has now become a few using a title to hide and justify their terrorism.

Finally. A smaller annoyance but one I’ve pretty much given up on now. The use of the word ‘hacking’. Hacking is not breaking into systems. Hacking is modifying something beyond it’s original design or purpose. Adding a digital temperature display to your coffee machine. What the media terms ‘hacking’ is actually ‘cracking’. The circumvention of digital security to gain access and control of data and systems. I am a hacker. They are crackers.

Aaaaaanyway. Rant over 🙂


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