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My emoticon dictionary

By request, here’s a dictionary of just some of the many emoticons I use. Hopefully it makes a little sense 🙂

🙂  Happy

😦  Sad

😉 Wink

:-/  Worry

:3  Cute/cheeky kitty smile

:’-(  Crying

D-:  Shock

❤  Love

</3  Heartbroken

^_^  Eyes closed happy smile

^.^  “Oooooooooo” eyes closed happy smile

^_^/  Smiling and waving

\^.^/  Arms in the air chearing

:)-|–<  Just a random stick figure….

😛  Sticking tongue out

XD  Corpsing-type laughing

X-P  Eyes scrunched closed and tongue out

X_X  Dead

O_o  Bemused

O_O  Shocked

O.o  Bemused, lips pursed/open slightly

B-)  Sunglasses. Cool guy

>:-|  Pissed off. Eyebrows brought down

>:-)  Evil grin

<.< Look left innocently/cheekily

>.> Look right innocently/cheekily

<_< Serious look left

>_> Serious look right

>.< Facepalm


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