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The Beauty of “Fuck”

So I’m gonna talk for a while about swearing. Now I swear. A LOT. Fuck. Shit. Damn. I say them all. But why? Because I want to offend? No. Not at all. You couldn’t be further away. There are very few occasions I will swear with the intent to offend. I swear to add emotion and feeling to a sentence. Sometimes “That pan was hot.” is not enough. Sure, the way I say it may add some emotion. But if I scream “THAT PAN WAS HOT!”, perhaps I am merely expressing the physical pain the hot pan has caused upon me. But by screaming “FUCK! THAT PAN WAS HOT!” I am also implying the emotional effect the harm the hot pan has cause has had upon me.

Ok. Perhaps not the best example. And one may argue that it shows a lack of my intellect. Now I agree that swearing is sometimes a wall to hide behind to dodge the need for proper thought. “You’re an idiot.” “Fuck you!”. But if you say to me “You’re an idiot.” I shall aim to hold my own in my belief that I’m not. The thing is, you’re assumption that I am using “fuck” because I have no better words to use is completely wrong. “Fuck” is a fantastic word. The word “Fuck” hold far more meaning in those 4 letters than the word “ouch” would when faced with a hot pan. It is far more powerful. One step above “ouch” you may say. In fact, I would say the word “fuck” is perfect for the situation. To merely dismiss the use of it because it’s a swear word is ridiculous. In fact, the whole concept of swear words is just bullshit.

Lets take some other things that may be used to hurt people. Like a baseball bat. A perfectly harmless device, but I could use it to beat 7 living daylights out of someone if I so desired. But you do not find the baseball bat offensive UNTIL it is placed in a situation where it may be used to beat 7 living daylights out of you. In fact, until that point you would consider it mighty fine for playing baseball with. Now take a gun. You are far more likely to find this immediately offensive. Why? Where as with the baseball bat its main use was to play baseball, the guns main use is to kill things. The very drawing of the gun implies to many that you are deliberately setting out to harm someone. But there are other uses for a gun. You may wish to shoot clay pigeons. You may wish to shoot targets. You may even be out just to get lunch (ok. This one may still be offensive to some.). But society dictates you are going to use this to take a person’s life. Now lets look at something in transition. A bow and arrow. Again, a device that may be used to kill someone. But societies view of the device has changed. If a person is carrying a bow and arrow, you may be wary of the intentions of the person but would likely soon brush them under the carpet and assume it was purely for sports use.

So all of these items may or may not cause harm. But our focus upon that is dictated by societies decision on the purpose of the item. If I say “fuck”, you may be offended IF you are in a group in society who is of the view that “fuck” is only used to offend. But I don’t mean to offend most of the time. If I mean to offend, you will be very aware of it. Just as if a person means to kill you with a gun, you will be staring down the barrel and be VERY aware they are trying to kill you. I guess you could also say that the reason so many are killed with guns is because society has placed them as the obvious device for killing people. This social view of it has immediately made it more dangerous. If you don’t place the word “fuck” as one which is specifically to offend then it is less likely to offend. In fact, if I ever have children, I will make sure I swear in front of them. Why? Because if “fuck” is not a word used purely to offend for them then they have one less way to offend instantly without thinking things through. If my child wished to offend, they would have to make a conscious and well thought out effort to do so. Or at least more so than just simply saying “Fuck.” and then after that fraction of a second thinking “Oh damn. Was that too harsh?”.

Swear words have uses beyond offense. To hold them in a special group of words designed specifically to offend is like saying “I expect you to need a quick and easy way to offend people in your lifetime so here’s the weapons.” an restricts their use in other fields. These powerful words hold pure emotion. No visualisation. No description. Just pure untethered emotion. So please, if you feel great emotion, swear your heart out. Use your vocabulary to its full.

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Kelli Anderson

So I just wanted to share with you an amazing woman I’ve found. Kelli Anderson is one of the most fantastic designers, artists and just plain people I’ve ever seen. I won’t ramble on much because you’ll see why just by watching her TED talk below. Btw. The image above is copyright to her 🙂

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Religeon in society

So I was watching 10 O’Clock Live earlier today. David Mitchell’s debate centred around the role of religion in society and if Britain should still be identified as a “Christian Country”. Now this is precisely the sort of debate that floats my boat. I find the atheist-theist banter entertaining not because I enjoy Catholic-bashing as some do, but because I find it a very relevent debate on which I have strong views that constantly evolve. While I will occasionally pick up on the whole pedophilia and homophobic views associated with the Catholic church, I do so in a similar manner as I would if the British government were found to be covering up child rape by MPs. It is the running of the sect which I vehemently oppose above all else. I still respect the right to its members believing what they wish.

So this debate could have been fantastic. Lets put the Christian and atheist at a table and see what happens. unfortunately, I found them approaching the subject at hand little. Sure, the Christian was pretty layed back as things go which was nice to see. Though all I saw was a constant exchange of insults. Oh well… Can’t have everything.

So to that subject. The role of religion in society. Ever since the dark ages, we’ve seen a gradual decrease in the involvement of religion in things such as government. And rightly so. We’ve progressed from such things as trial by fire and trial by water to a court and jury and eventually a fully fledged legal system with written laws based on the requirements of the time. Sure, it’s not perfect. But it’s far better than making a guy hold a red-hot iron bar in the hope that god shall save his hand from rotting and dropping off from the wounds. If a god exists and if that god won’t play an active role in the world, then we must govern ourselves. As such, even if there is a god we should still judge ourselves without a divine involvement. At least until the bearded man shows up at the end of days and decides to take an active role. And it also stands that god should not be brought in as a defense. “God told me to kill them” should obviously mean little without the testimony of god. He can always turn up if he wants but else the person should just be judge as a liar or a mad man. Though I will still stand by the placing of the hand on a holy book in court as long as it has no bearing on the outcome of the trial. If the person believes in its writings then the oath should strike some fear into them. Else, there’s nothing you can do and it’s not really making anything worse.

As for the role in society as a whole. People can believe what they wish as long as they don’t ram it down my throat. Sure, if they really disagree with me then I’m more than happy to discuss the matter. But if someone walks down the road saying “You’re going to hell!” to everyone they pass, fuck them. Has god told them this person is going to hell? Probably not. They’ve almost certainly not. They’ve either made a personal interpretation of a book in which case they should offer advice if anything rather than just saying outright they are going to hell. Or they’re just wishing hell upon the person due to their first impression which is just messed up beyond belief. They are wishing eternal damnation on this person. As far as the thought process of the accuser goes, is that not as bad as terrorism? Is it not as bad as just walking up to the person and torturing them there and then? So believe what you will and discuss it. But don’t just state it as fact. It is your job to convince someone to believe, not to try to force your beliefs upon them.

And finally, I’d like to discuss the Britain as a “Christian Nation”. I really wish people would not say it. Is everyone in Britain Christian? No. Are most Christian? In this age, probably not. So why the hell should its citizens say they live in a “Christian Country”? We are not a white country. We are not a heterosexual country. We are not student country. We are just us. I am an individual, not part of a government endorsed cult.

So that’s my views on religion in society as a whole. Just believe what you wish. Discuss it if you want. But don’t force it into as many nooks and crannies as possible. K. Thx. 🙂

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Hello, World!

Fuse celebrations

So I’ve decided a new blog is a good idea. I’ve recently had the need to dump technical ideas, ramblings about the world and various other things from my strange mind. I’ve also been planning to replace my old and rather crappy website for some time… So here it is. My place to dump thing that don’t fit into twitter’s 140 characters or that don’t feel right there.